St. Mary's School: Ambassador Families

St. Mary's School - Ambassador Families

Hadden Family  (Rich, Amy, Chris, Justin, Alex, Alyssa, Makayla)

18 years at SMS                          2 children at SMS (8th,5rd)             
3 graduates of SMS (2017,2018,2020)            Home: (937) 547-9033

Our family has had children in St. Mary’s School for over a decade.  We believe in the strong faith formation that is given at St. Mary’s School.  The faculty are exceptionally dedicated and go above and beyond for their students.  The academic education is superior.  Our children were well prepared for high school and fit in nicely when they transition to high school.  Our son Chris participated in extra curricular activities and it helped his transition.  Specifically, Chris ran cross country for 2 seasons and track for 1 season.  Our family is exceptionally involved in volunteering at St. Mary’s.  Rich teaches computer class 1 morning per week for grades 5-8.  Amy is the school secretary and runs the SCRIP fundraising program.  Rich also takes care of the technology for all of the school and the 8th grade class trip.  If you have any questions about the school or the happenings, we’d be happy to talk with you anytime!

St. Mary's School - Ambassador Families

Rammel Family  (Bill, Katie, Isabelle, Luke, Gabe, Sophia)

15 years at SMS                               1 child at SMS (5th)                     
3 graduates of SMS (2017,2019,2022)                Home: (937)547-1204

We moved to Greenville in July of 2001 and became members of St. Mary’s parish.  When our oldest entered preschool we felt very comfortable choosing St. Mary’s knowing they care for the whole child….mind, body and soul.  During her preschool year, we considered all of the local options but felt compelled to keep her in St. Mary’s due to a strong sense of “family”.  We have been pleased with how our children have progressed academically and our oldest transitioned into high school flawlessly.  St. Mary’s did an excellent job of integrating character education into everything the students experience.  They have high expectations for the students which truly helped to build their leadership skills and confidence as they navigate through their teenage years.  We were impressed with all of the extra curricular activities available and were pleased with how well St. Mary’s communicated with the local school district.  We would encourage any family intrigued by our school to stop in and meet out friendly staff.  You are also welcome to contact us directly to hear more about our experiences. 

St. Mary's School - Ambassador Families

Beisner Family  (Scott, Jenny, Lydia, Drew)

10 years at SMS                                  No children at SMS                          Home: (937)548-9793

Our relationship with St. Mary’s School began when our oldest child started pre-school there.  We are not Catholic so at the time, we were only planning to attend St. Mary’s for pre-school and then enroll in the local public school beginning in Kindergarten.  We quickly realized there was something special with this school and quickly witnessed the sense of family and community among the students.  The small school size and the “buddy” program really creates a close knit group with the older students looking after and helping guide the younger students.  It was this special closeness and the high academic expectations at the school that helped us determine this was going to be the school our children would attend until high school.  Through opportunities to volunteer, we have met some really great people that we now consider friends, furthering the sense of family that first drew us to the school.  We highly recommend St. Mary’s School to anyone seeking a place for their child to excel in their education.