St. Mary's School: Common Questions

Common Questions/Myths About Catholic Schools

Myth #1: Catholic Schools are only for Catholics.

Our doors are open to students from all religious and non-denominational backgrounds. Non-Catholic children are welcome to participate in all prayer and worship opportunities. Our intention is for any student in our school to feel welcome, known personally, accepted and able to learn successfully in our school community.

Myth #2: Catholic Schools are only for the rich.

Catholic schools are for any kid – regardless of income. How do you afford to send your kids to Catholic school? St. Mary’s offers tuition assistance, multiple payment options, Ed Choice and other scholarships for families in need. Our school is forming solid citizens and being good stewards of the tuition dollars.

Myth #3: Catholic Schools only focus on elite academics.

Academics are an important part of Catholic education but not the only ideal. Our schools educational model offers music, art, PE, technology and cursive writing as well as a diversified and hands-on-learning approach in all curriculum areas. While religion is a part of their everyday faith journey, students learn strong values in service, volunteering and social justice. We focus on building up the child’s spirit as well as their minds.

Myth #4: Catholic School students are sheltered from real life issues.

Our students are challenged to be critical thinkers and discerning customers of popular culture. We support those inside and outside our community who are struggling with personal crisis. Children have their first teachers at home and parents are the role models for service. We work as a team with the school and parents to teach and model service, prayer, kindness, love and acceptance.

Myth #5: Catholic Schools are taught by Priests & Nuns

St. Mary’s has a mix of educators with a wide range of life and educational experiences. Many of our teachers are long-time teachers who chose Catholic education for their whole career, finding profound gratification in faith-based education. There are no longer any nuns teaching at St. Mary’s School but we are so thankful for the 100+ years of education and support provided by the Sister of Charity in Greenville, Ohio.  Our staff is committed to the values of Catholic education.

Myth #6: My kids can not participate in sports or extracurriculars.

Students enrolled at St. Mary’s can participate in Jr High sports in their district of residence while attending St. Mary’s School. 

Benefits of sending your child to St. Mary’s Catholic School

  • Emphasis on Christ as a model– St. Mary’s Catholic School acknowledges that every person comes from recognizing Christ in themselves and others and strive to help children mature and be “Christ-like individuals.  Values and morals are carried from home into the classroom, school, and community environment as well as a lifetime. Non-Catholic families are welcome.

  • Academic Excellence – High expectations from teachers, faculty and students to achieve to their highest ability. Competitive curriculum and highly education faculty and staff. Small class sizes offer teachers more opportunities for individulalized student attention and more awareness of each child’s progress and strengths. A clear majority of St. Mary’s graduates are college bound and participate in college prep coursework in or before high school.

  • Healthy Social Relationships Small class sizes, which develop lifelong friendships, trustworthiness and a family type bond.  Students have numerous activities that develop and teach healthy relationships such as student council, volunteer service projects, attending and participating in Mass, and unique field trips.  Students can also participate in programs through their home district including sports, music, band and other extracurricular activities to bridge the connection and ease the transition from private to public school if desired.

  • Safe and Supportive Environment– St. Mary’s Catholic School is a caring community of teachers, faculty, staff, parishioners, and parents who take an active role in each child’s education.  The adults are a team for the students, that wrap around the academic component and faith component in developing a well grounded, enriched, Christ centered person.  

  • Caring Community– St. Mary’s Catholic School students, parents, and teachers provide hundreds of volunteer service hours to their school as well as the community.  Services might include monthly food pantry collections, monetary collections for local services, field trip supervision, fund raising campaigns, installing new technology, office assistance, public speaking events, and many more.

  • Communication

    • Daily Assignments/Grades on Option C

    • Monthly Newsletter

    • Four Interim Report Cards

    • Email from Teachers

    • Bulletin inserts

    • Parent Teacher Conference

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