St. Mary's School: Tuition

St. Mary's School - Tuition

Cost and Value of Education

Historically, Catholic Education has continued to provide a top-notch education at a lower price than that of public education.  It costs approximately $8,100 for us to educate each student here at St. Mary’s. Based on the most recently published data, the average cost of public education in 2019 was $12,472 in Ohio and $13,187 in the nation.  Consistently, students from St. Mary’s excel when they move on to high school, college and in their careers and vocations.

You have an important financial decision to make for your family. You must decide how to finance your child’s tuition at St. Mary’s Catholic School. This page offers you important information about how to afford this investment for your child.

Tuition (before scholarships)

Number of Children


1 - Child


2 - Children


3 - Children


4 - Children


Scholarships Available

Catholic Life Scholarship

Archangel Scholarship

Multi-student Scholarship

Ed Choice Expansion

$1,000 per student registered at a Catholic Parish. Application required.

$1,100 per student. Available to students who meet required application criteria.

$300 per additional student of an immediate family. Application required.

Ed Choice is a scholarship program available through the State of Ohio. This allows students in grades K-8, to receive scholarships up $6. 165 of the cost of their tuition.

Other Fees:

Payment Options:

Registration Fees $75 / family (non-refundable)

Option #1 – Pay in full by August 15 and receive a 3% discount on tuition or pay by the first day of school at full tuition.

Supply Fees $100 / student (non-refundable)

Option #2 – Set up a 4 payment (2% service fee) or 10 payment plan (3% service fee.) First payment due June 15 for both plans.

Please contact the school office for questions about tuition rates and financial assistance information.

Option #3 -Unless you clearly feel that you will not be eligible, you should check with the school office regarding any financial assistance that might be available seen below.  If you are receiving financial assistance through FACTS they will be in charge of your payment plan deadlines. You can apply for assistance beginning in January of the preceding year using the on the FACTS website.

Financial Aid

If you are considering St. Mary’s school, but have concerns about finances, stop in our office and speak with Mr. Wiedenmann, Principal.  We do our best to help accommodate your family’s situation.

Financial assistance is based on your family’s income, number of dependents and any extenuating circumstances. No specific dollar amount qualifies your family.

Once you have completed the necessary financial assistance application and a third party provider has analyzed this information, the school office will inform you of any award you may be eligible to receive. This notification occurs soon after the school has the information necessary to determine the award.

In some cases the family’s financial situation changes during the school year. In these cases, the family is encouraged to speak with the principal.

We at St. Mary’s School want to be a support to you in this process of financing our school’s tuition. We want to make sure that you have investigated and understand every option available to you. If you have any questions, please contact the school at (937) 548-2345 or email your questions to Tim Wiedenmann, principal at or

One last thought to leave you with regarding financing an education at St. Mary’s School. Things that we purchase for our children come and go, but the gifts of quality academics, stimulating faith formation and high self-esteem they receive at St. Mary’s School lasts a lifetime. Give them that gift!