St. Mary's School: Scholarship Granting Organizations

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Tax Credits for Helping St. Mary's School

Do you pay Ohio Income Tax? Would you like to receive a tax credit and support St. Mary’s School in the process?

The Ohio Legislature recently created a program called Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGO). The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has established the Catholic Education Foundation - SGO and St. Mary’s School is under this umbrella.

You can donate through the Archdiocese and select St. Mary’s School (Greenville) (C01885) as your designated school. By donating this way, you can receive an Ohio income tax credit up to $750 per individual or $1,500 per joint Ohio tax return (2 donations of $750, one donation in the name of spouse 1 and another donation in the name of spouse 2).

To donate, visit  

When you make your donation, remember to designate St. Mary’s School (Greenville).

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity in addition to supporting St. Mary’s School.  As always, please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific tax situation.

For specific questions about the SGO in regards to St. Mary’s School, please contact Tim Wiedenmann at or call the school at 937-548-2345.