St. Mary's School: Grades - Option C

St. Mary’s School has contracted with a company that is used throughout the Archdiocese of Cincinnati schools for their grades management.  As the parent, you have the option to login and look at your student’s performance in each individual class.  As the teacher enters grades into the system, the student’s progress is updated and you can look into why their grade is what it is.  You can be proactive and catch problems before they become an issue at report card time.  We currently do not have the ability to send regular (email / text messaging) alerts at this time.

To gain your login credentials:  1) If you’re a new family, login to the parent portal and your credentials should be available in there; 2) if you’re a returning family, your username and password should still be the same.  If you’ve forgotten your password, you can either use the forgot your password link on the OptionC login page or contact Mr. Wiedenmann and he can reset your password.